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Our team consist of volunteers, Sponsors that are active involved with projects as well as Donors that is active involved in our projects. 

Mrs S Delport


Not only is she the one of the most valued assets to The Lubbe Foundation with her involvement of admin, co-ordinator with certain events, co-ordinating sponsorships and distribution. 


Mrs Delport is also an example of a true hero to many for being a living example that kindness can make a difference in the life of another. We also want to thank her for motivating us through her actions and deed. 


If only there were more people with such value and morality, life would have been different to many. We thank you.

Our Helderberg Team 

Mr MD Nur (Bangali Community Co-ordinator National)


Not only is Mr Nur the owner of Sunset Beach Cafe and one of the most valued donors. It is thanks to him that the Foundation was registered and many other financial needs is met.


Mr Nur and his attitude towards the people in need is a clear example that when helping someone, one must do it from the heart and not let politics, race, sex, religion, nationality, etc guide one when it comes to helping people. If more people could follow his example, life would be so much better as for there are no limits in being kind to other. 

Deon "King" Maartens (Resident Artist)


With an exceptional voice, our functions never have a shortage in entertainment. As renowed artist, there is no problem accomodating our events with entertainment.


For more information, please contact us for bookings.


M.D. Abdullah Al Noman (Bangali Co ordinator GEORGE)


One of our great suporters and sponsors. It also the owner of Beachroad Cafe at  95 Beach Road, Strand. 

Christie and Lynette Le Roux


These people are valued for their effort to find and collect donations that can be distributed. Not only do we admire their dedication, but also want to compliment the example as parents whereby with their activities they teach their little boy the value of making a positive difference in anothers life as for there is no amount of money that can equal the experience of joy and gratitude in someone else life.

2 Plein Street, Somerset West 7130 South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 651478323

Department of Social Development 

Registration Number 224-786 NPO



NPO 2016/395537/08

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