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Thanks to Mr MD Nur and the Bangali Community of the Helderberg, we could in conjuntion with the South African Police Womens Network (Khayelitsha Cluster)  provide 40 food parcels to the elderly. What an amaizing event it was. It was held at Maccassar Police Station and we would like to give opportunity to Col Johnson and his personel for the venue and decorations. 


Under the good leadership of Serg (f) Jantjies (Womens network co-ordineerder of the area) Elderly people from the 8 police stations were Identified by the respective representatives and transported to the venue and back. Snacks and Tea were provided. A special thanks to Deon "KIng" that provided us with entertainment through singing. This was a higlight as for the entertainment made it as fun and informal as one could get. 


Special thanks to Mrs S Delport for her contribution in assisting with preperations of not only snacks, but also with the packaging of the food parcels. Well the photo's will speak for itself as words cannot describe the real hight of the day.


Thank you all for your support. 

Give a child a smile inovation is dedicated to children that is ill, comming from poor communities and children that is victim to crime. This is an ongoing project and we do impliment it in a manner whereby we have enough to give. The need is constant and therefore we do appreciate any clothes, toys or sweets. Packaging is always important and with this we do appreciate wrapping paper and empty toilet rolls. For the older children we would appreciate anything to give to children up to the ages of 18 years. 


With this project held at Croydon farm community hall, an initiative with the SAPS women's network Somerset West. Sergeant Jantjies arranged it and Sergeant Langenhoven arranged the sweets. Clothing and toys were given by Alicia, Christi and Lynette, Marius and Venessa and last but not least Landi and Gideon. Special thanks to Gloria and Mrs Delport for wrapping and preparing the gifts. There were evenings where Mrs Delport would sit till Midnight to sort and wrap toys. Mrs Delport also donated the Wrapping Paper. 


We do appreciate all the help and donations that we get for projects like this. Please contact us if you want to become involved with the foundation. 




What a joyful day we had with our resident artist Deon "King" Maartens entertaining the elderly residents of Tulbach Huis with song. It brought back many memories to the residents while songs of Bless Bridges, Ge Korsten, Neil Diamond and other were performed. It is thanks to Brenda and her staff that we had a welcomed feeling. 


We were so Impressed about the circumstances the residents lived in and their well being. I cannot compliment the staff and management enough for I can see that taking care of these people is a calling to them and not about money. I WOULD LIKE TO APPEAL TO ALL TO VISIT THE INSTITUTION AND OFFER ASSISTANCE WHERE NEEDED.  


A special thanks to Gideon Delport of IT Blanket to provide us with sound equipment as for we did loose our equipment in an accidental fire. 



Thanks to Emily of Emily Playschool, Sir Lowry's Pass, Somerset West, we did manage to give a smile to a child to more than 100 children between the ages of 3 and 10. As set venue, the staff managed to arrange the children at the venue from within the community. Most of the toys were donated by Alicia Murry and to addition Saria Delport of CUDDLES day care centre. A special thanks also to contributors like Landi and Gideon Delport for their support and contributions. 


Special thanks to Venessa and Marius Swannepoel that co-ordinated and arranged the logistics with the toys. Mrs Delport and Gloria Flattery for their time in preparing the gifts. 



Bright lights Somerset West : Value of Relationships


With pride we can thank the Management of Bright Lights Somerset West that they included us in the Project where children pre-teen and teen were taught about the values and the respect within a relationship. It was a reminder that in many communities, the bi-lateral respect and moral values between male and female, young and old were lost. Also focused on prevention against crimes against women and chilren. Mrs T Smith really did make the whole session first to the young then the teens as fun as possible.. This was followed by an evening of fun and dressup. We want to thank each and every person that contributed to make it a success.

As foundation, we would like to thank in specific, Mrs Delport for her contribution and coordination, Lynette Roux for her contribution, The personnel of EDU-Zone, Mr Shakil and Sadi for providing drinks but last and not least a special thanks to Mr Nizaam Sonday of Save More Butchery in Maccasar for his contribution in Meat. 

With all the above, these children could not only be reached with the project, but also experience what it is to be in the lime lite and centre of attention. This initiative really did serve as motivation to excel from circumstanses. 

PlayWay pre primary school, Strand 2019/03/26

PLAYWAY pre primary school, Strand : We at The Lubbe Foundation visited the school and gave them much needed educational toys as sponsored and donated by CUDDLES DAY CARE CENTER IN SOMERSET WEST (Contact number 0726019736). Upon visiting we really Identified several needs which includes, carpets, mattresses for the kids to sleep on, building material like tiles, bricks, cement and more.

The biggest need is the fact that up till now they could give children at least one meal per day. This was however stopped due to withdrawn sponsorship. With a recent housebreaking, their computer, printer and all were stolen.

Upon visiting, the Principal Roseline ( 0747177370} and her personnel indicated that they give more than 100% and I received the Impression that they were all doing it as a calling and not there just for the pay.

The Lubbe Foundation is in a process to see how we can accommodate them and therefore if there is anybody that would be kind hearten to becoming involved, please contact the Principle or us and we belief we can make a difference not only once of but on a regular basis.

Play Way Pre Primary school

On 2019/09/05 after learning that the school ran out of food to give to the Children, Our National Bangali Co-ordinator Mr Nur Uddin and one of our Project Co-Ordinators Mr Sadie took upon themselves to donate much needed food to the school through our Project Manager Mrs Le Roux.

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NPO 2016/395537/08

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