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The Lubbe Foundation is dedicated to the parents of the Lubbe siblings. Abe and Eastlynne Lubbe both born in 1943 were people that always placed other in front of their own needs. With their children being priority going to extreme extend for them. Accept for that they had always time to help other and to give other even though they did not have plenty. Helping other had no political, religious or color boundaries and it was all about helping and they did not expect anything back.


People name streets and towns to names of political hero’s however they forget about the everyday hero that make a difference within the life’s of individuals in need in the communities. My parents were targeted during the apartheid years for welcoming Ministers of Lesotho into their house during harvesting seasons and also with not willing to play the political game they lost their business through means of intimidation, with holding payments and many more as for at that time the small town was totally AWB orientated. This was a clear example to us Siblings that one can stand to our values even if it means to loose everything.

After the Passing of Eastlynne Lubbe, I went through her things and saw notes where she helped people and at the end of the calculations of her monthly budged there was always a short, but never complained about it. That was a secret she kept untill her death.


THEREFORE THE LUBBE FOUNDATION was founded formally in 2016 as a NPO and will still continue helping the elderly, handicapped and children where possible irrespective of religion, race or political orientation. Let their life’s be an example to many complaining or living in their own space that all is not always about money, rather to make a difference within another’s life by caring and sharing. The reward is much greater than having more than enough in a bank account.

Wynand Frederick Johannes Lubbe D.O.B 21/02/1943 and parents with other siblings

Elizabeth Johanna Eastlynne Lubbe D.O.B 19/02/1943 Born van Zyl with mother and sisters


We are currently not being funded by Government or any other institutions. We do not even have a bank account yet. What we do is that we Identify needs and when we do get financial Support, We refer the sponsor or donor directly to the Benifactor for payment. For example, we prefer rent to be paid directly to the landlord. When there is need for example stationary, we prefer to refer directly to the supplier. Even with the money boxes that has been put at tills with our supporters, we do count the money together and then directly the supporter will redirect the funds to where ever the need should be. 


With this model, we do ensure that the funds is being directed to where it is supose to be and we do eliminate additional accounting cost at financial year end. 


We at The Lubbe Foundation, are dedicated to keep and uphold the high moral values and promote it nationally and Internationally. Our aim is to setup a National Network where we can assist people in the communities. There are so many Charities duplicating assistance that we did decide to focus on the old, handicapped, terminally ill and children in exceptional cases. 


When addressing causes in projects, we are not guided towards specific religion, political affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation and many more. We do not discriminate at all as for we are here to help people irrespect of who or what they are. Our vision and mission is further being discussed under the heading CHALLENGES. 

A Very Young  ABE LUBBE (Age or year Unkown)

Who can get involve and how? 


Any person, institution, business, school or organization can become involve within The Lubbe Foundation and its projects. 


The way that they can get involve is either active contributor, volunteer, fundraiser or assist where ever you can. 


Corporate and organizational invovement can be either once off or by means of long term partnership.


To us it is all about reaching a common goal within a common cause. 

Colletion of passport and Id photo's throughout the years. 



The material is important, but also support and time. We are currently only operating within the Helderberg basin, but would appreciate it if you are outside the Helderberg Basin to assist us to setup a network or you can contact us to enquire to what need we have. If you can provide much needed financial support, please contact us so that we can direct you to one of our suppliers to contribute directly to them. 


Furthermore, we do have a constant need of food, clothing, toys, building material and more. We do accept anything and everything given to us to distribute.


We do have drop points at 2 Plein Street Somerset West, Sunset Beach Cafe in Beach Road, Strand, Beach Road Cafe, Beachroad Strand, Altena Cash Store in Altena Road, Strand as well as Mariners Mini Market in Altena Road, Strand. Please look at our contact page for contact details to make arrangements. 

The WEDDING DAY in the "Twee toring" Church Bloemfontein



Not at all as for we create projects upon availability of resources. For example if we have enough clothing to distribute within a project context, we create a project according what is avialable. The same count for food and toys. One of our biggest challenges is logistics. 

February 1995 was the last Holiday that both parents were alive on holiday at Amanzimtoti. Here with grandson Ryno Cooper. Abe Lubbe passed away in May 1995 and Eastlynne the 4th of July 2014

Eastlynne at the age 4 next to the car of her uncle the well known International body builder and Natural Healer Dr Rex Ferrus



One of the biggest challenges outside the scope of charity as part of the day-to-day is to meet our financial obligations in terms of rental, transportation, storage and many more including marketing. 


With our aim to have in the long term care fascilities, skills development facilities and more, we do face the problem of property and office space. Storage fascilities is also a main concern. Currently we do have the basics, but soon it will not be able to meet our demand. 


Other challenges with consern to the elderly and the ill, we do need lots of both medical and mobility instruments to ensure that there would be the availability to assist where possible. The Idea is to have a place where we not can distribute, but also manufacture through our skills development projects things like wheel chairs and walking aid. 


We are also focussing on challenges setting up a homecare network, to have home care personel available to assist with regular visits. It was once pointed out that there is a need for day care fascilities, where family members can drop the elderly or ill during the day to be looked after while they are at work. At such a fascility, carers can look after them and engage in activities with them. Here we do have the challenge of obtaining premises and resources. Funding is also very important as the staff need to be paid. 


As part of our aim we also would like to establish safe havens for orphaned children. The same count here in terms of staff and fascilities as primary  challenges with other needs like food, day to day expenses and more. 


Any person can donate any amount to the foundation from anywhere in the world via Paypal, debit or credit card. Pre-Selected options of $5, $10, $15 and an option of any other amount is available. Please note that a once off donation can be done with and an option of Monthly contributions. Please NOTE THAT ALL CONTRIBUTIONS IS IN US $ (DOLLLAR) VALUE  by just one click on the link AT BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND IT  would redirct you to the contribution app.  You can also contribute by ordering money tins for all the small change or donate by putting small change in money tins at selected stores country wide. South African donations in Rand (ZAR) can also be done on Candy stick with the following link. Please select the button next to the link to be redirected.

https://candystick.co.za/c/help-us-to-help-the-elderly-handicapped-and-children-in-need/ ZAR ONLY



We are registered not only at CIPRO AS NPO, but also at the Department of Social development with reg number 224-786 NPO

2 Plein Street, Somerset West 7130 South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 651478323

Department of Social Development 

Registration Number 224-786 NPO



NPO 2016/395537/08

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